What is Accessibility? Why we should compliant with Accessibility policy?


1. What is Accessibility?

   Accessibility is about ensuring that your websites are accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities or circumstances, is a fundamental aspect of creating inclusive and equitable online experiences. 

   This is reflected in  the legal requirements for accessibility in some countries, which can also open up new business opportunities by expanding access to your services or products for a wider range of individuals.

2. Why should you comply with the Accessibility policy?

   There are more and more new techniques being invented day by day, so there shall be more and more conditions coming along to prevent the risk of being involved in some serious responsibilities.


   Here are some reasons why you should comply with the Accessibility policy.


  • The law

   ADA or WCAG compliances are made to protect people with disabilities, as well as their rights to be given equal opportunities in employment and social activities without facing discrimination. Over time, these compliances have evolved from being viewed as “good to have” to “must have”.

   Today, businesses, organizations and even non-profits are legally obligated to comply with these laws as accessibility is now a legal requirement.

  • The fines

   Every law has its fines coming along. But in this situation, it’s not ‘just some fines’. 

   It was stated in ADA compliance that “organizations and businesses can be fined up to $75,000 for a single ADA violation, raising that fine to $150,000 for additional violations”. In the past, even Netflix became one example and had to pay a huge amount of money for failing to caption their content promptly.

  • The brand’s awareness

   By adding accessibility features, such as closed captions, mobile-responsive design, and transcripts, not only shows your organization’s commitment to social responsibility but also demonstrates inclusion and a stance against discrimination. Your customers will appreciate the effort and it can also be an attractive trait for potential employees.



   It is essential for any mobile application to include accessibility features and to implement them regardless of the circumstances. Ensuring accessibility is a responsible act to make sure everyone can access and benefit from the information and services you provide.