Introduce Accessibility By Sgtlab
  • 29 June, 2023
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Enjoy accessibility exploration on your website with the optimization tool of SGTLab but WCAG & ADA compliance and avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Accessibility by SGTLab is a toolkit that improves your website to a high level of WCAG 2.1 Accessibility compliant. By delivering a set of useful tools, and encouraging disabilities to remove their barrier to a digital world, we contribute to your brand values in terms of revenue generation, social responsibility, and legal compliance. Accessibility by SGTLab’s unique point is brand customization. You can set up the position, color, icon image, and size of the widget icon to adapt to the brand guideline. With Accessibility by SGTLab, your website will be readable, reachable, and available for everyone!

"Easy customization and wide device compatibility:Accessibility can be customized and installed straightly on Shopify stores or any other website without affecting website speed. Accessibility also has high compatibility with all devices. Increase traffic and sales:The app has all of the features needed to improve the user experience, prioritizing individuals with disabilities. Increase Brand Value:Every website has traffic coming from people with one or more disabilities. This will help increase customer trust as well as the brand’s image"


Compliance the WCAG, ADA & EAA regulations

Protect against any legal risks or unnecessary lawsuits related to accessibility Optimize features including user mode, color, display, or orientation to enhance UI and user


Change flexibly the widget icon to adapt with look & feel of website.

Customize the website smartly to be compatible with most Shopify themes.


14 days free trial

Monthly subscription: 6.99$

Yearly subscription: 67.2$ (save 20%)