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Easily enhance your Shopify store with custom code using Custom Code Inserter SGTLab. Add and manage code in headers, footers, and sections with support for CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and more.

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Website-Compliance Custom Code Inserter SGTLab - Discover how easily you can enhance your Shopify store with custom code using Custom Code Inserter SGTLab. You can effortlessly add and manage custom code in headers, footers, and various sections of your store. The app provides comprehensive support for CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and more, offering you a wide array of customization options.


Custom Code Insertion

Easily insert custom code into the header, footer, or any desired location within your website. Whether you need to integrate CSS, JavaScript, HTML, or other types of scripts, Custom Code Inserter SGTLab provides a seamless solution for adding custom functionality.

Easy Configuration

Coding experience is no longer a barrier. The app is designed for users of all skill levels, enabling anyone to incorporate advanced functionalities into their website.

Support for All Types of Scripts

The app supports all types of scripts and code, including CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and more. Whether you're adding tracking codes, custom styles, or dynamic content, our application ensures compatibility with a wide range of programming languages and functionalities. For example:

Performance Optimization

Custom Code Inserter prioritizes performance optimization to ensure minimal impact on your website's performance. The app has a small file size, with a maximum size of only about 2 KB, making it lightweight and efficient. This ensures that the integration of code snippets through the app hardly affects your web page's speed.

Quick Reversion

Effortlessly revert to the original code promptly without affecting your theme. You can experiment with different code snippets and configurations knowing that you can easily undo any changes and restore your website's original state.



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