Some Strategies for Increasing Sales on Special Events
  • 17 January, 2024

Why are special occasions promotions important?

People tend to buy and prepare for a bunch of things on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Back to School,… Throughout history, several branches have recognized this tendency and developed various tactics to promote sales during major events.

This has resulted in a butterfly effect, with buyers now viewing special occasions as opportunities to enjoy numerous tempting discounts.

1. Launch flash sales

Flash sale clock

A flash sale is a discount or promotion that store owners offer for a limited period, which can be days, hours, or minutes…. Online shops often use flash sales to identify themselves from rivals and raise brand awareness among new clients.

Because people want a “good deal” or are concerned about missing out on a last-minute deal, these deals aim to create a sense of urgency, motivating and encouraging customers to desire to buy or make purchases immediately.

2. Run pre-order

Red colored stamp for coming soon and preorder sign, white background

A pre-order is an order for an item that has not yet been released or is out of stock. It will later be formally added to the list of items available for delivery to clients. Pre-ordering frequently comes with some benefits, such as a gift set, samples, and so on, which are only available to consumers who purchase it and it also makes the customers feel special.

Pre-orders help you to improve sales and strengthen customer relationships by turning a possible sale into a payment. Furthermore, with data on the number of people placing pre-orders, the store owner can prevent running out of stock.

3. Add a time limit

Golden Gamer Alarm Clock

Adding time limits, like flash sales, creates a sense of urgency. But, instead of simply displaying the sale’s end date, a countdown timer would be more effective, as it gives customers the impression that they are physically watching the clock tick down. Customers will be encouraged to act as soon as possible before the discount expires.

Countdown timers can be used in a variety of places, like under the product name, above the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and so on. However, the best position may be under the product image, where consumers pay the most attention.

4. Limit the purchasing quantities

limited offer clock

Limiting the amount of products that a customer can purchase is another strategy to increase sales. The third option is to limit the quantity of the product you may sell and how many you have left to sell.

The product used for this should be the limited editions. History has proven that limited editions can bring huge success and help to create a specific identity for store owners. Customers are drawn to things that make them feel special, especially if the person is wealthy and well-known, such as idols, pop stars, celebrities, and so on.


There are several tactics for increasing sales during these special occasions, and you can even combine and run different promotion programs at the same time. Just give it a shot and you’ll know what strategies will work best for your business.