Pre-launch Marketing Strategies to Increase Store Sales


   A good marketing strategy works as a map that guides each and every step of product development, from the very early phases to each milestone, and reaches succession at the final step. This map is a great help in the creation of alignment between marketing and product development teams, which is critical since it allows a business to focus on the needs of its target customers rather than only seeing it expanding as the center and getting considerably inferior results.

   Reality has proven that, regardless of how excellent your product is, developing excitement around it can require as much time and effort as creating the product itself. 

   Therefore, the optimal time to sell your product is far in advance of its launch date.

   This is what pre-launch marketing is about. 


Why is pre-launch marketing important

   Pre-launch marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to raise brand and product awareness before the official release and make the target audience anticipate the launch. Pre-launch marketing campaigns are also used to test various marketing channels and fine-tune product features and marketing messages in view of public response.     

   Through pre-launch marketing, store owner will be able to attain:

  • Loyal customer
  • A certain number of followers on social media
  • Branch identity

   Below are some pre-launch marketing that store owner may find useful to raise sale of their store


1. Making announcement on social media

   Today, social networking is undoubtedly the simplest way to get recognized on the internet. Creating accounts on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, expresses the store owner’s wish to establish a relationship with customers.

   For responsiveness, the store owner should use the same username in all social media.


2. Email the customer

   The first step in properly implementing an email marketing plan is to develop a database with your clients. The more details you have on each of them, the better.

   The email campaign isn’t one simple email you send the day before your product launches. Rather, it’s a series of emails you put together to get people excited about what’s coming. It needs to be carefully planned and scheduled.


3. Launch ads 

   You’ve probably seen pre-roll advertising while using social media such as Youtube or Facebook. A pre-roll ad is a short advertising video that appears before the user’s preferred video.

   Using pre-roll ads is also a good way of telling the customers about the upcoming event, by targeting users based on their viewing habits, the featured video’s topic, age demographic and interests.  


4. Working with KOL

   KOLs tend to spend more time developing relationships with their followers directly, so they already have a set amount of followers who will receive the most recent update from them. KOLs have established themselves not only on social media, but also on blogs, podcasts, forums, and message boards.

   By partnering with KOLs that match the business’s style, store owners can effectively promote themselves in a short period. It is essential to comprehend the performance of followers’ involvement with KOLs.



   Looking into pre-launch marketing is the effective solution to get your next product, service, or business off to a good start. Captivating strategies should help to market the brand and increase business sales. 

   With these suggestions, hopefully your business will thrive and become a success!