How to Write an Impressive SEO-Friendly Product Description for Your Online Store
  • 17 January, 2024

A customer’s decision to purchase a product may be greatly influenced by the product description. Powerful words can lighten the atmosphere and give customers a sense of urgency to make a purchase. Given that this is like the customer’s first taste of the product, it will directly affect their opinion and even change their image of your business.

What is a product description?

A product description is a short copy used to give customers thorough information about a product’s features, including materials, advantages, instructions, etc.

Since the ultimate purpose of product description is to persuade the customer, it aids in providing them with a greater understanding of the product so that they may decide if this product is what they are looking for. Make sure the product description is short and to the point, around 305 to 400 words should be perfect.

1. Choose the writing style that matches your target audience

Wooden Block with Handshake

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the target customer to understand what they’re looking for and create product descriptions that appeal to them. If the customers notice that this was prepared especially for them, it sure will produce better results.

Though less dangerous, sometimes the traditional writing style may seem to be boring. Never hesitate to try out new things and approach new strategies.

2. Add benefits for each feature.

The notebook has the word Benefits

Adding benefits to each product’s features is recommended. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make its benefits stand out, so converting every feature into a benefit is highly effective.

Providing specific sample situations will assist customers in visualizing the product. If possible, add some humor into the sentence, like “The product will still be fine even if your cat has just tried to use it as a chewing toy.”

3. Provide close-up images of the product.

Close-up images

The size or color of the object may have been detailed, but the customer will still struggle to picture it. Close-up images are important, but having them worn by the model is much more effective, especially for jewelry, clothing, and other accessories.

In the past, simply showing images of the product may have sufficed, but for nowadays competitive markets, this is simply too plain. These images should also convey the product’s instructions or tips, among other things.

4. Add SEO keywords


You should already have a list of relevant keywords that you want to use, but make sure they match SEO. Keywords help in ranking by making it easier for Google to analyze the page content, making it appear more visible to customers.


With these tips above, you may already have some ideas to create some great product description for your store. There are various styles and models for creating product descriptions, but, whatever strategy you choose, the goal of this is to help promote the products more effectively.