How to increase holiday sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday E-commerce in 2022


   As you may already know, this year 2022’s Black Friday will be on November 25, and Cyber Monday will be three days later on November 28. Shopify owners see this as a profitable occasion that can even break sales records, raise their store’s sales rate, or simply just be more popular with users.

   So, has everyone already made up one or two plans for this? Here are some strategies that you might find useful to improve your store’s chances at these upcoming events.


What is Black Friday?

   Black Friday is an informal name used to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving near the end of the year in the United States, when people go shopping and prepare for a long holiday.


What is Cyber Monday?

   Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday, to keep people’s shopping spirits up. It provides a lower discount than Black Friday.   

   According to the 2021 US holiday shopping season, it was stated that this event brings in over $1.2 trillion—a growth rate of 16.1% year over year (YoY). And with people gradually getting used to online shopping after COVID-19, the explosion of e-commerce may boost this number even bigger for the year 2022’s upcoming events.


Some marketing tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


  • Make some pre-announcements about the upcoming deals.

   On Black Friday, users don’t have enough time to go from store to store to check if there are any good deals. Make an announcement in about 1 week or sooner so that users have some time to decide which store to visit.

  • Offer some special discounts.

   Everyone loves discounts. Offering users 15% or 20% off the price will always earn the favor of some customers. Also, offering extra for membership, such as 30% or more is also appealing.

  • Post these offers on social media.

   The closer these events get, the more frequently you should post it on social media. Making users believe you’re also excited about these events can increase the chance of visitors visiting your store.

  • Send an email to your customer.

   Expressing that you are personally and friendly seeking for a way to build a stronger relationship with them, as if you were communicating with them in person. By doing so, the customers are more likely to visit your store at least once.



   The biggest retail events of the year are almost here, whether you’re ready or not. We hope you have a successful selling season with all of the suggestions listed above.